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Adina Tal TEDx talk

In November 2013 Adina was invited to speak at the well known and inspiring TEDx talk series. In her talk she shares some of the essential learnings and inspiring insights of her years at Nalaga’at, she shares her personal challenges and ways to find the door in the wall – because “Every Wall Has A Door”. And she earns the sympathy of the audience with her sense of humor and to the point storytelling.

TEDx Talk Tel Aviv: Nalaga’at Vision

Adina Tal’s first appearance at the inspiring TEDx events series in 2010. She talks a lot about making the vision, the dream of Nalaga’at come true. As it is, at this point the success of Nalaga’at had already surpassed the founders’ wildest dreams in so many ways.

Adina Tal @ Festival de Marseille (French)

Short clip with excerpts from Adina Tal’s workshop and lecture at Marseille Festival Danse et Arts Multiples.

Master Class & Workshop in Russia

Short clip showing excerpts of Adina’s work with deaf, blind and deaf-blind people in a new project in Moscow, Russia.

About Nalaga’at – Behind the scenes & interview (German)

Report by Richard Schneider (ARD, German TV) about Nalaga’at, a glimpse behind the scenes and interview with Adina Tal. In German, with English subtitles.

Excerpts ‘Not By Bread Alone’

Short interview on CNN about Nalaga’at

Adina Tal interviewed for CNN. Introducing the Nalaga’at experience and the ideas behind Nalaga’at center to an international audience.

Introducing Nalaga’at at #140conf 2011

Adina talking about how Nalga’at came to be, and giving an introduction to sign language by three Nalaga’at Capish Coffee Place waiters. “Yes, every human being has the right and the duty to give to society… It’s not about deafness or blindness but about the incompleteness that exists in every one of us.”

Preview: “Not By Bread Alone”

Nalaga’at’s play “Not By Bread Alone”, the final result of a two years lasting project and process, where Adina together with the Nalaga’at actors shaped a theatrical language, a story – and a unforgettable experience for everyone in the audience. This is a short promo preview for a London staging.

Talking about “Not By Bread Alone”

Another clip with excerpts from the play and an interview with Adina Tal and one of the main actors. Adina: “You need to touch – and need to be touched.”

SKY News preview Nalaga’at Show in London

Adina was interviewed in a SKY News bit on Nalaga’at’s visit in London, where reporter Lucy McDonald calls Not By Bread Alone “as funny as it is thought-provoking.” And a man in the audience states: “Really inspiring. I came out and I felt my eyes had been opened to something.”

Interview and Nalaga’at Show on BBC News

Adina Tal familiarizes BBC reporter David Sillito with some of the backgrounds and and Nalga’at Center’s features: “This is far more than a night at a theatre – it’s a chance to share a world”. (Watch on

בין השורות (Hebrew)

“Between The Lines” program about Nalaga’at, showing us at work and interview with me.

Swiss Television, Adina Tal invited to Aeschbacher Talk Show (German)

Adina Tal was invited to popular talk show “Aeschbacher” on Swiss National Television in 2005. Watch full 15 minute interview (in German) on SRF website.

Adina Tal Aeschbacher SRF


Adina Tal and her actors toured the world presenting a groundbreaking concept focusing on ability and not disability, and developing a unique theatrical language.