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Social Cultural Enterprises – Nothing is Impossible

“I believe that we can, that we have to and that we deserve to change the reality we live in.”

Fifteen years ago my life changed, fifteen years ago the journey of Nalaga’at the world’s first deaf-blind theater ensemble, the journey into the unknown began. The path was a rocky one. But the dream of Nalaga’at became reality thanks to the faith in the endeavour and thanks to the numerous people who turned the dream of Nalaga’at into their own personal dream.

We created a new reality for the deaf, blind and deaf-blind people working at the centre; and no less important, for hundred thousands of people in Israel and abroad, who experienced this life changing cultural event (read: Nalaga’at, A Personal Diary).

“Adina Tal is a visionary founder, director and educator.  She understood the power of theater to reach those considered unreachable.” – Elizabeth Bradley, Arts Professor, NYU New York

After fifteen years of unending labour, of new peaks conquered, moments of happiness and pride, sleepless nights, worries, but also hope, I have reached a crossroad in my life, I felt that I had to move on, wanting to share what I learned with as many people as possible all over the world (find out more about: Talks & Workshops “Every Wall Has A Door”). And I am further developing my idea of the potential of Cultural Social Enterprises in many contexts and with people anywhere in the world.

What is a Cultural Social Enterprise?

Over the last years we witnessed an impressive growth of Social Enterprises, no doubt a very blessed development. From my experience and work with Nalaga’at I have learned that the potential of a Cultural Social Enterprise is multiplied as it creates a platform, a meeting point, between the actors and the audience – and therefore facilitates not one but two major revolutions.

Na Lagaat Fundraising Adina Tal Actors

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” M. Gandhi

In the case of Nalaga’at the first revolution was obviously allowing deaf-blind people that were so easily ignored by society to be on stage, be stars, earn a salary and give the audience the gift of art, the gift of humanity. Their lives most certainly changed, by embracing the duty and the right to give to society they became part of society.

The second revolution, not anything less important, is the revolution of the audience. As this is not about deafness or blindness anymore, it is about being imperfect and allowing the audience to connect to their own imperfectness, and to embrace the imperfectness in other people. No doubt the first step to change and improve the society we live in.

I currently develop models for other circles of underprivileged people in our society, always focusing on excellence and sustainability. The first step is to exclude the word “impossible” from our vocabulary. And then we can start a dialogue …

Social Cultural Enterprises: I believe …

I am excited to apply my experience and knowledge from the Nalaga’at (do touch) Center in a new environment with inspiring people developing projects anywhere in the world in a social cultural enterprise framework. I am constantly looking for new ways to make ideas work independently and sustainable.

I believe it is possible

I believe that this journey has to be accompanied by academic research

I believe it is about individual people focusing not on disabilities but on abilities

I believe that we are all equal but different

I believe that this is our biggest advantage

I believe that creating a platform and meeting place between different people from different cultures, religions and background is possible

I believe that we can, that we have to and deserve to change the reality we live in

I believe that this model can be applied in different parts of the world

I would like to invite you to be part of the journey

If you work with a group of people that are at the fringes of society, if you believe that you can and want to make a change, please get in touch. I am looking forward to hear from you, let’s start a dialogue.

Short Clip from Adina’s Acting Master Class

The deaf and blind actors of the play “Touch” in Moscow, Russia, in Adina Tal’s Master Class (2015), guiding them to discover a new creative level.


Adina Tal and her actors toured the world presenting a groundbreaking concept focusing on ability and not disability, and developing a unique theatrical language.