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Was über Adina Tal’s Arbeit gesagt wurde

„I have worked with Adina Tal over the last six years, predominantly bringing her Company Nalaga’at to London for an extensive three week residency as part of London’s most prestigious theatre Festival, the London International Festival of Theatre. Over this period Adina’s extraordinary and inspirational leadership has shone. As well as leading her own wonderful company her dynamic and uplifting style has electrified funders, donors and audiences with energy, wit and insight.“

„I have heard her speak in a number of different contexts from small groups of high level donors to large mixed audience groups and, at no point, has she been anything but exhilerating.“

Nick Sweeting co founder and producer for Improbable

„I heard about the incredible journey that Adina Tal and her team had embarked upon to create a place and a theatre company that is quite simply life changing for those fortunate enough to experience it.“

„I knew that I had to make my own journey to experience it for myself. The reality outstripped anything I could have expected. Nalaga’at is nothing less than a wonderfully beguiling assault on the senses. There’s an air of immense beauty, joy and celebration of ‚being‘ about the place.“

„Adina is one of the most captivating and persuasive people I have ever met, and justly proud of what she has created.“

Mark Ball, Artistic Director LIFT Festival London

“I have seen Adina speak at a number of events. She is one of the most engaging, dynamic, inspiring speakers with both a huge wealth of knowledge and humour at her fingertips.“

„I say this as someone who worked for many years at the National Theatre and regularly saw great speakers, Adina is simply one of the best out there.”

Anna Jameson, Freelance Producer and Development Consultant, London

„I wish to thank you a lot for your lecture for our staff, you managed to touch the essence of our perception of the school. Your lecture is an inspiration you relate to the „different“ as an equal and to us as the different…“

„You shared with us the journey of founding the Nalaga’at Center,your belief in the strength of human beings to be human beings, to dream to make dreams come true not giving in to titles or tags and all of this with so much humor, your personal story and communication … Thank you so very much.“

Michal Graf, Director of the democratic school Hedera Israel

„We highly appreciated Adina’s involvement in our theater projects. Her artistic professionalism along with the profound skills and patience in dealing with deafblind actors helped us a lot, while working at the new theater show – Touchables.

Along with the master classes with actors, Adina Tal was engaged in delivering lectures to the students of theater academies and to general public in Moscow. All three of them were a complete success – she is an eloquent and energetic speaker, who know extremely well how to manage the audience and cause real admiration.

Our collaboration with Adina was an unforgettable experience and assisted in advancing many of the creative projects of the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation.“

Dimitry Polikanov, President Deaf-Blind Support Foundation

„Sharing your invaluable knowledge and insights was hugely beneficial for all conference participants and local partners…“

Marianne Moschou, Tony Buckby, Social Entrepreneurship Conference „Doing Business the Other way“, Athens, Greece

„Adina Tal is a visionary founder, director and educator. She is someone who understood the power of theater to reach those considered unreachable. And to buttress that insight with action and extraordinary perseverance.“

„Her time with students in my classroom challenged their notion of what theater can be, whom it can serve and what creating an organization with an international reach requires.  What could be more valuable?“

Elizabeth Bradley, Arts Professor, Department of Drama, Tisch School of the Art, NYU New York

Because although all the performers are deaf-blind there is nothing to be patronised here, Adina Tal and the company have created a production that would impress under ordinary circumstances, as it is this piece is extraordinary.


It’s a test of theater itself, the way good work can communicate across the boundaries of darkness and silence.

The Guardian, Lyn Gardner

Using touch, mime, sign language and music they create a cabaret-style show which is as funny as it is thought-provoking.

Sky news , Lucy McDonald

It seems unthinkable , but watching these man and woman not just cope, but make a show, you swell with admiration.

Carousel of Fantasies, Matt Trueman

Heartbreaking, poignant, yet told without self-pity. There are transcendental moments as they dance, laugh and reach out to us.

The Press ,Jonathan Lovett

They’re blind, deaf-and brilliant…certainly one of the most remarkable, most humbling and most profoundly affecting theatrical experiences you will ever have.

The Mail on Sunday, Georgina Brown


Adina Tal und ihre Schauspielerinnen und Schauspieler von Nalaga'at führten ihre bahnbrechenden Theaterstücke rund um die Welt auf, wo sie hunderttausenden Zuschauern in einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis vermitteln: Es geht nicht um Behinderungen und Einschränkungen, sondern um Möglichkeiten und Stärken.