Biography Adina Tal

Social Enterpreneur, Theater Director, Inspirational Speaker

International Mind, Swiss Born, Based in Israel

“I love the one who dreams the impossible” – J. W. von Goethe

Adina Tal was born and raised in Switzerland, and immigrated to Israel at the age of 20. For many years she worked as an actress, playwright and theater director. She founded the world-renown Nalaga’at Theater Company together with Eran Gur in 2002 after accepting an invitation to teach drama to a group of deaf-blind individuals – an experience that changed her life.

“Adina Tal is a visionary founder, director and educator. She is someone who understood the power of theater to reach those considered unreachable.” – Prof Elizabeth Bradley, NYU New York

The performances of Nalaga’at have been experienced by hundreds of thousands in Israel and worldwide, and no one walks out of a performance without having been deeply touched, often in completely unanticipated ways.

After 15 years Adina decided to move forward, and she is now sharing stories from her life-journeys through “Every Wall has a Door” Talks & Workshops, and developing new models mentoring sustainable social cultural enterprises and projects.



Playwright and director with theatre companies The Jerusalem Theater Company, Haifa Theater, Tsavta Theatre


Establishment of an independent theatre company Erua Theatre with Rina Padua, specializing in interactive theater with a strong social engagement. Writing, directing and acting. Plays about violence, old age and Jewish identity.


Beginning of theatrical work with a group of 12 deaf-blind people


Establishment of the not-for-profit organization Nalaga’at


Artistic Director and co-Director of Nalaga’at. Writing, directing and producing the theater performance ‘Light is Heard in Zigzag’


President and Artistic Director of the Nalaga’at Center, writing, directing and producing the theater performance “Not by Bread Alone”, the theater workshop “Give Me A Sign!”, co-directing “The Prince-Rooster” a play for children, and establishing and directing the new Multi-Cultural deaf-blind theater ensemble’s performance “Luna Park”.

From 2014

Inspirational, Motivational Speaker, Social Enterpreneur, find out more about Adina Tals Talks & Workshops and about Current Projects.

Awards & Distinctions (selection)

“Adina is one of the most captivating and persuasive people I have ever met, and justly proud of what she has created.” – Mark Ball, Artistic Director LIFT Festival London


Adina Tal and her actors toured the world presenting a groundbreaking concept focusing on ability and not disability, and developing a unique theatrical language.