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Languages: English, Hebrew, German, French

Talks & Workshops With Adina Tal

“Each one of us faces a wall at times during our personal and professional lives, and even if we do not identify this barrier, it is there.”

Adina Tal is an experienced social entrepreneur, theater director and lecturer who has hit her head against a wall on more than one occasion – and, indeed, may be doing so right now.

In her talks and workshops, Adina shares her inspiring story, building a social cultural enterprise, enabling the deaf-blind people at Nalaga’at to access the world “beyond the wall”, empowering them to excel on stage, in the theatre, in the art of communication.

Inspiring and Motivational Encounters

Every Wall Has A Door

When we are surrounded and enveloped by a high, solid wall we cannot see beyond it. But the reality is not what we perceive; in fact, every wall has a door that opens to a new opportunity, a breakthrough, and a change.

Be inspired by Adina Tal’s incredible journey with the world’s first professional deaf-blind theater company Nalaga’at (do touch). Get to know the story behind this unique successful social cultural venture. Learn about how Adina with her team ventured into the so called impossible and how they pushed the borders to great success.

  ” I wish to thank you a lot for your lecture. Your lecture is an inspiration you relate to the “different” as an equal and to us as the different.” – Michal Graf, Democratic School Hedera, IL

Share the inspiring story, building a social cultural enterprise, enabling the deaf-blind people at Nalaga’at to access the world “beyond the wall”, empowering them to excel on stage, in the theatre, in the art of communication.

Talks & Workshops Tailor Made For Any Audience

One Size Does Not Fit All

Adina Tal’s lectures and workshops are tailor made for every event and crowd, believing that the way to success is to know and learn the needs and goals of the group beforehand. “Every Wall Has A Door” talks & workshops are adaptable and customized for different target audiences, different themes and sizes of groups:

  • Educators in all fields, students arts, theater, education, social work etc.
  • Senior management in public service and all business sectors
  • Psychiatry, psychology and related
  • Entrepreneurs, conventions and conferences in all fields

If you are looking for a special event for your co-workers and employees, if you are a head of an organization looking for an inspirational event for your staff please get in touch to start our conversation!

“Sharing your invaluable knowledge and insights was hugely beneficial for all conference participants and local partners.” – M. Moschou, T. Buckby, Doing Business the Other way

Adina Tal’s message is conveyed in personal experience and stories, presenting practical ways of opening doors in a variety of real life situations. It can be conveyed in two formats: Workshops or Interactive Talks & Lectures.

Interactive Talk, Lecture or Workshop..?

Lectures & Interactive Talks

Adina Tal’s lectures and interactive talks are customized for different timeframes and different audiences according to your needs, audience expectations, goals and frameworks:

  • Length of talks from 20 to 90 minutes
  • Audience size from 20 to 800
  • Main themes and focus: Motivation, Inspiration, Change, Cultural Social Enterprises, Sustainability
  • Interactive talk tailored to your audience
  • For small groups, up to 30 people: The lecture can be followed by a workshop, duration to be discussed.
  • It is possible to include short videos from Adina’s work with Nalaga’at.

Adina Tal has many years of experience organizing and leading workshops in Israel and abroad for different target audiences including educators, students and professionals in the private business and public sector, employee groups of all kinds and social entrepreneurs in all areas.

  • Adina Tal’s workshops are fun – and a different kind of rewarding experience, beneficial on many levels for any group of people. The workshop improves communication between members of the group, and in this context we can deal with many different issues: improving team work, facilitating conflict solutions, trust building, motivational drive and generally improving the group’s fabric and working climate.
  • Adina Tal applies the tools and methods she developed over the last 25 years in theater, particularly working and communicating with her deaf-blind actors at Nalaga’at: Guided improvisations, non verbal communication, trust building exercises, inventing small theatrical scenes based on the experiences of the participants. Depending on the duration of the workshop, those scenes can be elaborated and shown also to a wider audience within the specific workplace or environment.
  • You do not need any previous experience, you do not need to be an actor, just trust yourself and enjoy and experience a very special moment. As one workshop participant put it: “Adina draws out water from the rocks”.
  • Length: The workshops can last from 90 minutes up to a full day’s of experience with lasting impact. I am happy to learn about your needs and goals to offer you a workshop especially conceived for your group.
  • Workshops are suitable for up to 25 participants.

Please get in touch, I am looking forward to meeting you and working on a proposal for your specific event or organization.

“I have seen Adina speak at a number of events. She is one of the most engaging, dynamic, inspiring speakers with both a huge wealth of knowledge and humour at her fingertips.” – Anna Jameson, Freelance Producer and Development Consultant, London

Getting involved and sharing your vision

Current Projects: Developing Social Cultural Enterprises

Adina Tal also mentors and develops new cultural social entrepreneurial initiatives, based on a sustainability model, tools and a new approach she implemented with Nalaga’at successfully. Find out more about her current projects and vision for cultural social enterprises.


Adina Tal and her actors toured the world presenting a groundbreaking concept focusing on ability and not disability, and developing a unique theatrical language.